There is a free virtual event coming up September 29, 2015 online called AzureCon (Azure Conference). You can join now and learn more about latest Azure innovations.

Hear from the experts about the latest Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solutions. Listen as customers take the stage to share their stories. Join live Q&As and interact with the architects and engineers who are building the latest features. Choose from more than 50 technical sessions—and accelerate your journey to the cloud.


Keynote speakers:

Scott Guthrie:Executive Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

Jason Zander: Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

Bill Staples: Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

Bill Staples is the corporate vice president for the Azure Application Platform team in the Cloud + Enterprise group. Since 2011, he’s lead the engineering division responsible for the user experience, as well as the developer and application services, that make up the Microsoft public cloud platform. Bill joined Microsoft in 1999 to work on a team that re-architected IIS 6, and has since lead engineering teams that have been instrumental in modernizing web platforms, including developer frameworks, tools, and servers. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science from the University of Utah.


Unleashed possibilities

Be the first to hear about the latest Azure innovation. Find new ways to address your IT challenges and enable scenarios only possible with the cloud.

Access to the experts

Get unfiltered access to top Azure engineers and community members. And hear the latest from Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Bill Staples, Mark Russinovich, Scott Hanselman, and others.

Customers take the stage

Hear from startups and enterprises who are accelerating, differentiating, and transforming their business with the cloud. See what they’re up to with Azure. And see what you can do next.

Customizable learning

Choose from more than 50 technical videos and learn about new Azure features and existing capabilities. Whether you’re just getting started or want to dive deep, we’ve got you covered.

More information about AzureCon is available on AzureCon website. You can also follow the Azure twitter account: @Azureand look out for additional information with hashtag #AzureCon to get the latest updates about the event.

Stay tuned for more AzureCon announcements and register today!


When it comes to “String.Format”, we have always suffered the fact that it is so unreadable and error prone. When the string that you want to generate is long and has more than two or three variables, String class makes it very hard for us to have a readable text that you can find out what it is building.

Take a look at this string:

var myString = string.Format("The invitation is {0}. 
InvitationKey: {1}, UserKey: {2}, TenantKey: {3}",
Invitation.InvitationStatusKey.ToString(), Invitation.InvitationKey, Invitation.UserKey, Invitation.TenantKey);


Yes, I know, it is very hard to track down which variable is going to be put where! and will it even make sense!

But now looks like C# “String Interpolation” is going to clean this up for us. take a look at the simplified version of the above code in C# 6.0:

var myString = $"The invitation is {Invitation.InvitationKey}. 
                 InvitationKey: {Invitation.UserKey}, UserKey: {Invitation.TenantKey}, 
				 TenantKey: {Invitation.InvitationStatusKey.ToString()}";


And right after you make that change, you realize that you have been logging wrong information in to the place holders in your String.Format statement before, because you could not see what you are putting in the {0} placeholder! and now you can actually SEE what is it you are building!

I think this is one of the best features of C# 6.0 and for sure I’m going to spend some time removing all String.Format statements from out code as soon as we upgrade to it.